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Connect with your clients through any instant
messaging app (whatsapp, fb messenger, telegram...)
Keep the conversation always going! People hate calling 1-800 numbers or submitting a help request on a support website.

How does it Work?

hey! is a software platform connected to any instant messaging app ( whatsapp, facebook messenger, telegram, slack, sms... ).
An algorithm receives notifications for each conversation initiated by users and can assign them to an operator to maintain an efficient flow between users and agents.


The brand promotes a universal phone number for users to connect.


The client initiates the conversation.


The algorithm receives the notification through the Hey! platform.


The algorithm allocates the conversation to an agent.


Meanwhile, the user receives an automatic greeting response by the brand.


The assigned agent gets all the information related to the user's line and start the interaction.


  • An agent can manage up to 4 simultaneous conversations, reducing operating costs significantly.
  • Both user and agent have the ability to send files and information for immediate consultation: images, links, locations, contacts,videos, etc.
  • The conversation stays open so the user and agent can keep a record of it.
  • Ability to generate customized offers according to the user needs.
  • Send quality surveys through the same channel.
  • Generate real-time analytics.

Real time analytics

User Behavior

  • Demographics (Location, Gender).
  • Problems and most frequent complaints.
  • Consultation products and more frequent services.
  • Busiest days and hours.

Internal Performance

  • Total amount of cases assigned to an agent.
  • Total amount of resolved cases by an agent.
  • Time of response to the first message.
  • Problem resolution time.
  • Accurate and automated analysis of service quality.
  • Real-time reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

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